Olivie Dermapsoria Formula From Organic Desert Olive Trees 500 Mg-80 Vegetal Capsules

Our vegetal capsules OLIVIE Force Psoriaderm beneficiate from confirmed health allegation of EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) concerning the antioxidant effect of olive tree polyphenols The polyphenols OLIVIE Force Psoriaderm (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein...) known to be powerful antioxidants, can reduce skin inflammation, and they’re effective in clearing psoriasis. The capsules OLIVIE Force Psoriaderm,100% natural, contain in a concentrated manner all the benefits of the olive tree. Their concentration of the main antioxidant hydroxytyrosol (> 40’000 mg/kg) is 5500 times greater than a regular olive oil (7mg/kg)! Relieves skin inflammations Reduces hyperpigmentation without any side effect It has an unrivaled richness in hydroxytyrosol, an antioxidant exceptionally bioavailable and easily absorbed by the body The world highest ORAC value ever achieved: 3672 mmol TE/kg, the best way to neutralize harmful free radicals *nearly 200 times greater than curcuma!


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