Forces Of Nature H-Balm Control Extra Strength-11 mL

All Natural Herpes And Cold Sore Treatment And Certified Organic. Fda Registered Natural, And Usda Certified Organic, H-Balm Extra Strength is A Safe And Effective Alternative Herpes And Cold Sore Treatment. One Drop Per Application is All That is Needed For Fast, Safe And Effective Treatment of Cold Sores And Herpes Outbreaks. How It Works: H-Balm Features Our Dual Modality Approach To Treating Herpes Outbreaks. It Combines Certified Organic Homeopathic Medicines Which Activate Immune Parameters To Fight Outbreaks With Healing Essential Oils To Promote Healthy Skin And Deliver A Wide Spectrum Antiseptic Effect. This Dual Modality Approach To Herpes And Cold Sore Treatment Expands And Supports The Action of The Homeopathic.


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